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How to make Bubble Hash using Bubble Bags.

What if you could turn all that wasted trim into the strongest, most pure and potent hash on Earth? Some people even pay to dispose of their trim and plant waste. Using hash bags, some cold water and a bunch of ice, you can turn your trash into hash. Bubble Hash, Water Hash, Ice Hash, whatever you want to call it, you will become a true connoisseur of the best hash ever.

Hash bags come in different sizes to accommodate the amount of waste/trim you produce during harvest. The size of the bag has noBest Hash On Earth! effect on the quality of the hash, only the quantity.

To create your own premium hash be sure plants are flushed completely before harvest. Every grower should flush his/her plants regardless of the intended usage. Plants that are not flushed properly, don't smoke well and taste even worse.

Once you have all your trim dried, place it in a freezer for several hours; this allows the trichomes to break away from the plant matter easily.

Using two buckets, place the first bag (largest screen size) in one of the buckets and fill with ice and ice-water until the water level is a few inches from the top. Empty trim into the bag/bucket. Depending of the size of your hash bags, using either a hand mixer or a paint mixer, mix ice, water, and trim for about 35 minutes; then let the solution settle for about 15 minutes; mix for another 5-10 minutes and let settle for another 10 minutes. Remove the bag from the bucket allowing the foamy green water to remain in the bucket. Squeezing the bag may be necessary, but may force additional plant matter to drain into the bucket as well. We recommend simply shaking the bag vertically and allowing gravity to drain the bag. Once the bag is drained of the solution, you can throw away the remaining useless plant matter from the bag.

Place the next smaller screen size bag in the second bucket and pour the contents of the first bucket into the second.
There is no additional mixing required in this or any of the remaining bags. Simply work your way through the remaining bags until the final three of four screens.

The three smallest bags will produce different very palatable, quality hash; using a spoon remove the hash from the screens and place on the drying screens provided with your hash bags. Some people like to keep these three grades of hash separate to fully experience each one's unique effects. Alternatively, one could just as easily mix and press the different grades together, either way, bubble hash is the best hash you or any of your friends will ever smoke anywhere and I've been there!

- Juan, seasoned smoker

Bubble Hash Bags
You'll never waste your trim again!
With hash bags ordinary trim is now a great source of the world's best and purest hash! Just add ice and water, mix, strain, and smoke!
It's the most incredible hash you'll ever smoke!


All online and mail order seed packages are shipped 10 seeds per pack.
Seed orders made in person at our retail store receive 12 seeds per pack.
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